Mareval is a firm specializing in business valuation,
damage quantification and forensic accounting.
Nothing more, nothing less!

Seasoned experts with hands-on experience in financial markets; moreover, independent and objective.

Prior to founding Mareval, our professionals worked with large consulting practices as well as investment firms. The creation of Mareval was driven by the desire to provide clients with the EXPERIENCE OF SEASONED EXPERTS throughout all phases of an engagement.

Better yet, our experts set themselves apart by not simply being experts in business valuation, damage quantification and forensic accounting. They have DIRECT EXPERIENCE IN FINANCIAL MARKETS, having worked in key roles with venture capital and private equity investment firms, as well as with investment banks serving public companies.

You can thus count on the informed judgment of professionals who are at the cutting edge of techniques and standards in valuation and forensic accounting, and also base their judgment on a working knowledge of financial markets. Thus, the result is not simply a theoretical exercise!

Moreover, INDEPENDENCE and OBJECTIVITY are the cornerstones of our mission. Mareval does not offer audit or tax services, allowing us to eliminate the potential for conflict of interest as well as the accompanying bureaucracy. Our independence allows us to meet your needs without delay, and possibly start the engagement the day of your call.

That's what sets us apart!

Our Team

Martin Fafard

CPA, CFF, CF, CBV, CFE Partner

Renata Eva Milczarek

CPA, CFF, CF, CBV Partner